When Vanity of Vanities was first spotted, I dubbed her 'Sneaky' because she snuck in behind 3 bright red vigorous siblings. (ONLY TRUTH SETS YOU FREE, BIG SISTER'S LEGACY, & GOLIATH'S FOE all 2013 intros. Please click on their own pages to see their stats and offspring. 

I was amused by her tenacity and had to move her to give her more space a few years later. It was then that she 'came into her own' and I decided to work with her. Her soft icy pink petals can be decieving as she often "throws" anything but soft colors! I like that..such variety! It allows me to go in to all sorts of color directions. It doesn't hurt that she has ivory teeth and that she passes that toothiness on to her kids, in fact it's a big asset.

When it came time to register her, it was easy to name her VANITY OF VANITIES as a reminder to me that there is 'nothing new under the sun' (Ecc. 1:2 & 14) even though with her I am always looking for something new and more beautiful than her!  That's the "plight" of hybridizing...but these verses in Ecclesiastics ground me in reality. I appreciate so much more when a new bloom comes that I have never seen before..I am in awe at the small part I have had in it! 

Last summer(2012) I was privileged to see many of her seedlings that bloomed in just one year from direct planting in the soil the previous year. VANITY OF VANITIES gives many shades of red; from light pinks to deep vibrant reds. She also passed on her teeth to many  even when the other parent didn't display any teeth at all!  Some teeth and/or tendrils were red, some almost green, and some pink or rose, but most ivory, and of course a few with gold or yellow teeth . You will find other progeny for you to view on the 2013 intros page.

Fortunately, VANITY OF VANITIES will have even more seedlings to observe and enjoy this next summer to different parents, so it will be great to see if she is indeed prepotent with throwing teeth. 


STATS: 22 X 5.5
              18 buds 2 way branching
              excellent parent 
               $37 DF limited