ZERUBBABEL 2013 introduction

ZERUBBABEL is one of those faithful purples that holds its quality of color and bloom no matter what the weather.  'Z' was destined to be moved and lined out years ago, but got left behind way over yonder in the other field.....BUT not forgotten! 

The 7" deep black purple blooms with purple to red diamond dusting, never ceaseing to amaze me! I am always happy when a daylily freely give prolifs too, and ZERUBBABEL does that!

I hope to put white frilly edges and/or teeth on 'Z' this next season now that "he" is planted over by all the select seedlings for ease of hybridizing. 

18 buds
3way branching (in very poor soil without auxillary watering) 
gives prolifs 
early-mid season
long bloom season 
$37 DF

ZERUBBABEL is mentioned in numerous places in the Bible and was in the direct line of Jesus Christ, so this regal color of purple is quite appropriate, plus I just like how the word sounds! 
Zechariah 4:6  
'The word of the Lord came to Zerubbabel and said "not by might nor by power but by my Spirit says the Lord of hosts". '