SLOW TO ANGER 2013 introduction

SLOW TO ANGER is one of those daylilies that just holds your attention and the more you look, the more intricacies you see. 

It has a very soothing combination of orchid grape and almost lime green ruffles. Add  bitone sepals in a soft shade of pink lavender, a halo of blu-ish purple, and multiple blooms often opening at the same time, and you have a consistent, vigorous enduring plant that never has "angry" bad hair days, and is always dependable,  patient and SLOW TO ANGER-just like my Dad. 

Whenver I look at this plant, I am reminded of my Dad, his smile, his gentle spirit, the strength of character and his love for life, all come to mind. I lost Daddy too many years ago, yet he is very present in my life, and this, thank you God,  reminds me  of him when I look at it, for my Dad certainly was SLOW TO ANGER. 

The phrase is taken from Proverbs 16:32..."he who is slow to anger is better than the mighty; he who rules his (own) spirit than he who takes a city. (Amplified Version)


STATS: 32 x 5.5
              25 buds 5 way branching 
              Long Bloom Season 6/27-7/30/12