HOUSE ON THE ROCK still blooming 8/1/12 31 bd 5 wb 36x5 $47.00 SF + increase

HOUSE ON THE ROCK 8/1/12 with so many more to bloom!!!

seedling out of (HOUSE ON THE ROCK X ABLAZE IN GLORY) displaying red teeth!!

seedling out of (HOUSE ON THE ROCK X ABLAZE IN GLORY/orWHITEBASE) "Garnet Darnet" immediate rebloom

There has been a lot of discussion in the arena of daylily breeders as to what makes a plant worthy of introduction, and in all cases it takes much thought and a lot of focus, making sure you take enough pictures on different days, balmy, sweltering, cool & crisp, rain, drought, etc. etc. Then you make sure you have all the important statistics to remind you in the off-season why you had even thought of introducing it. 

Even though HOUSE ON THE ROCK  has a somewhat normal face, she is all but normal.  HOUSE ON THE ROCK has distinguished herself by both her progeny and her plant habits. It doesn't seem to matter to her how good or bad the weather is, she is a trooper, giving high bud counts of 27-31 this past dry summer and has excellent 5 way branching. Every breeder hopes to pass that onto its progeny, and when that is accomplished and beautiful faces are also achieved, then one considers strongly to introduce it. So after this summer with extremely hot and dry days, when most everything else had bloomed itself out, HOUSE ON THE ROCK was still 'blooming away', (July 8th to August 18th). She was even flat and wide open on a 57 degree night, when many others were closed or nearly closed.

 It was then that I decided to register her and introduce her for Fall 2013, sharing with others all her vigor to enjoy, instead of just keeping her as a bridge plant. She is an excellent parent(even giving red teeth/tendrils) and will be lined out this Spring.

I used ABLAZE IN GLORY and WHITEBASE on HOUSE ON THE ROCK almost exclusively for breeding  a few years ago. This past summer I was more than pleasantly surprised to see the results. Look for the red teeth on some of the seedlings below.


STATS: 36 x 5
              31 buds  5 way branching 
               M-L Dormant
               long bloom season  (7/8/12-8/14/12)

PRICE: $47.00 SF + increase