Hello, and welcome to our site and our gardens. We are a small unit, My husband, Dick, the "Mower, Digger and Tiller", myself, Nancy, the "Hybridizer, Dreamer, Weeder, Planter and Enthusiast" of the Daylily.
Our son Mike has his own program in two different gardens, one near the house and one out in the fields of Glory Gardens. He has some sensational plants coming along, and is very visionary. He can see so many more possibilities than I can.

You can e-mail us at and visit my Blog at if you like.

We now have 21 registered Introductions for sale this late May through early July, freshly dug as you wait or you can order ahead also and they will be waiting for you at the field. We can also ship either late Spring or early Fall, weather permitting.
Thanks so much for visiting us, hope to meet you in person!

Nancy Olson