ABLAZE IN GLORY Spring 2013 Intro

I am so happy to be introducing this vivid, glitzy, iridescent red seedling of mine, appropriately named ABLAZE IN GLORY. 

ABLAZE IN GLORY was a very fortunate gift. I had purchased 5 seeds for the Lily Auction seller "Thankyou" because I liked the cross so well. I was sent 5 seeds, but only ONE germinated in my poor soil and ABLAZE IN GLORY was the result! Was I pleased (very tame word) the moment I saw it! I had never ever seen such a vibrant red and I had many many registered red daylilies to compare with. Six years later I have yet to see any red to compare....they may be out there, but I haven't seen it! 

It isn't difficult to understand why I named it ABLAZE IN GLORY when you can spot it so easily, the intense red blazing way across the field of daylilies. It's neither an orange red or a blue red, and so flourescent that it just glows; added to that intensity, its beauty is even more enhanced by the glitzy edging of waves and ripples leading to the yellow white edge, set off with  hooks, bubbles, teeth and bearclaws. 

ABLAZE IN GLORY has many faces. The slide show shows him with almost unruly, and definitely unpridictable edges throughout the bloom season.  It keeps one guessing, wondering what the "look of the day" will be.

He does have difficulty blooming the first day or two of his bloom cycle and then proceeds to be consitently wide open the rest of the season. ABLAZE IN GLORY'S season began July 18th and progressed through August 12 last summer in our drought conditions.  When the heat comes on, the edges becomes  white instead of soft yellow. 

If there is a flaw, it would be that I would like it taller, rising a bit more above the foilage. 

ABLAZE IN GLORY is an excellent parent of clean, true reds, most with wonderful edges, some even with red teeth and/or hooks. If you would like to see some more of his progeny you can scan the main 2013 Spring Intros page
 Since I  used only two pod-parents, I did long crosses of them and the buds and branching are all very good for first year seedlings-especially since 99% of them bloomed this last summer which was such a weather diaster. I am anxious to see all the new "babies" babies that will be coming this next summer with even more crosses to "examine".


STATS: 24 X 5.5"
          23 buds 4 way branching
          mid-late season
          fertile both ways
          edging:whiter as season warms up

PRICE: $57  DF