I want to thank you for your interest in my 2013 Fall Introductions. If you would like to see more pictures and details, each intro has its own page for you to click on to see more details and its progeny

This first Intro is 'ONLY TRUTH SETS YOU FREE'. There are two other red intros (BIG SISTER'S LEGACY and GOLIATH'S FOE) that are either half or full siblings to 'ONLY TRUTH SETS YOU FREE'. (I am thinking full sibs).  I also have one other RUFFLED STRAWBERRY PARFAIT intro which is a soft creamy lavender pink with a glitzy toothy edge registered as VANITY OF VANITIES and a very good parent for toothy edges.  PLEASE NOTE: All introductions are tetraploids.
Originaly we had only three Fall introductions available due to extenuating circumstances, including the 2012 summer malaise and our ignorant decision to divide and line out our plants in the Fall of 2012 despite the severe difficulties the weather gave us the Spring and Summer before. Increase was very sparse and there are three or four of them that we almost lost completely! But now we can supply any of them for those interested.